The Best of London Fashion Week

Wether it is through dark apocalyptic views or fantasy dreamlands, we can feel these politically heavy times making their impact on fashion, and what better place than London to bring the street into art.

Gareth Pugh’s idea of dystopia was certainly the perfect inspiration to give birth to this beautifully dark vision. The models graced the runway with the blackest plastic looking lids matched crazy long upper and lower eyelashes, resembling a blackhole. Soft coral gloss and blue were the choice for the lips, while the hairstyles were a mix between head pieces, a lot of gel and messy, creating the perfect melodramatic punk aura.

Mary Katrantzou took a completelydifferent influence as she dived into Disney’s Fantasia to puttogether her last collection. Perfectly clean and bare skin was the look, as they didn’t even cover the models’s eye bags and the lips were kept with the lightest touch of pink. Brush stokes of pastels were used randomly enough to give color to the face, making the look a smooth interpretation of gentle fairytales.



Taking an opposite direction to the previous shows, Preen decided to bet it all on the lips for theirFall Winter 2017 collection. Early eighties romance was taken to the extreme with bright red spreading all over and beyond the lips and voluminous side fringes framing the face. Dead like eyes were the seal for this nostalgically feminine look that without a doubt stood out from the crowd.