Top Looks of the Week

New year, new looks. Another lap around the sun has just begun and these ladies definitely stepped on it with the right foot. Written by Maria Colina Saab.

One of the first movie premieres of the year took place this past Thursday in Mexico, The movie the xXx brought together an amazing cast and Deepika Padukone stood out between them. Wearing a Johanna Ortiz pantsuit, the actress was pure modern elegance. She matched the look with sleek hair parted to the side and very natural makeup, adding a pop of orangy red in the lips.


It’s fair to say that Janelle Monae turned heads when she arrived at the Palm Springs Film Festivalthis week. The brunette beauty went all out with her beauty game as she chose to tie her natural curls in a high bun and embellish it with gold all around. As if that wasn’t bold enough she took her highlight and contour to another level and a simple cat eye with a cute red lip. For her dress she chose a Jenny Packham gown, and with that the look was complete and fierce.

The BAFTA’s Tea Party was star studded as always, but there was one in special to catch our attention. The ever so stylish Emma Stone did it again. Keeping her hair tied in a cute low bun and leaving a few cute strands hang around her face was a match made in heaven for her halter top dress. The make up was just as adorable with her cheeks blushed with a coral shade juts like her lips. The eyes were a soft smokey in light brown and she looked completely, effortlessly flawless.