Just when you think that they are done elevating their brand, the young entrepreneurs from Daily Paper ad yet another chapter to their story. Today marks the opening of Day Studios, a new contemporary hair salon for men presented by Daily Paper. Written by Richenny Felicia.

It’s no secret that streetwear brands and retailers more than other outlets manage to establish a solid customer base and also built a following that, more often than not, hangs out around their stores. Daily Paper took note of this and in a turn of events now offer their visitors an actual reason to stick around.

Over the past few days the Salon has welcomed a select group of invitees, among whom sportsmen, artist, journalists and other taste makers, to get a first hand trial run at being cut at Day Studios by Paul, the man who will actually run the place. Needles to say that everyone walked away more than happy, as could be seen all over social media.

Paul Day, originally from New Zealand, has been based in Amsterdam for the past two years. After having cut and styled hair all over the world, he now decided it was time to settle here and offer his services on one spot where many international people come through, so he could reach as many individuals as possible. Time spent in his chair, is time spent getting to know a visionary, enthusiastic and talented young mind. What exactly that means you will have to go and experience for yourself.

Next week a barber from LA is flying in for the week, after which the second chair will be in hands of a barber that Paul himself has trained. For the time being he is still across the world, temporarily, mastering the final touches of his craft. Together they can take care of all types of hair, from European to black, at Bilderdijkstraat 131 in Amsterdam. Not only while you’re there, but also by offering Redken For Men products to groom and maintain your new cut after the fact.

Besides the very capable hands of the barbers and the coolness of brand, we must not forget the greatest element of Day Studios, which is arguably its space. Set in the back of the Daily Paper store, it’s like gem waiting to be discovered. The minimalistic design, life size mirrors and clean interior elements manage to express a very sophisticated and contemporary masculinity. No offence to all the “authentic barbershops” which have built themselves on a look and feel of the past, but this is exactly what the modern young man with style looks for in terms of spaces to live his life in.

The story doesn’t end there though. Daily Paper also launched their new slides collaboration with the Sandalboyz in the new shoe corner of their store, where they will be selling footwear from other brands in the future. In case it wasn’t clear yet, a visit to their store now means a head-to-toe hook up with a fresh look and outfit. What more could a man want?

Daily Paper Day Studios - Bilderdijkstraat 131 - Amsterdam


Get the feeling of luxury from outstanding simplicity. Written by Rachel Douglass

We all have that one product that doesn’t necessarily have an important function but we still adore and refuse to think otherwise. This product for me has become the KenzoKI SOS Roll-On Mask. I can’t seem to get enough of using it, despite it not bringing much of a change to my face, and I believe it all comes down to its innovative design.

At the end of the simple tube the applicator, a rounded metal roller, ensures that product is evenly spread under the eye. This technique provides an instantly refreshing feel when applying, creating a sense of energy and an illuminating feeling under your eyes. It is for this reason I have become absorbed with this product, using it as a refreshing boost at the end of a long day.

Its actual aim is to tighten the under eye area, leaving it feel firmer and look brighter. I don’t necessarily see these effects, but I certainly feel them through the slight tingling sensation provided by the formula. The fragrance is signature to the brand, with enticing hints of ginger and a use of multi minerals to invigorate the eye zone. It can definitely become a weekly dose of luxury from a seemingly simple product.

You can purchase to KenzoKI SOS Roll-On Mask for €29.50 from www.iciparisxl.nl


& Other Stories capture the smell of nostalgia in their new Miami Muse beauty line. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Ever dreamt of smelling like the sweet scent of cotton candy all day, every day? & Other Stories have made this a possibility with their cotton candy flavoured Miami Muse line. The new beauty collection features baby pink body wash, hand cream and body spray to keep you smelling good non-stop.

The body wash, a personal favourite of mine, provides refreshing moisture in a silky soap with an intense fragrance that has the power to boost your mood. The feeling of hydration comes from the use of vitamin E and macadamia oil mixed with almond oil, urging you to layer up your body. The sweet smell is youthful, creating an energetic line for the & Other Stories brand reminding you of your childhood days.

To purchase the Miami Muse line go to www.stories.com/nl

URBAN DECAY: All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay is here to challenge your makeup to stand the test of time.  Written by Rachel Douglass.

The number one problem I face with makeup is making it last all day or night. Nothing is worse than coming home to cracked foundation and eyeliner imprints under your fading eyebrows. To promise 24/7 makeup is a big statement that is rarely lived up to, but Urban Decay’s All-Nighter spray definitely comes close to the mark.

With an aim of ensuring your makeup lasts for up to 16 hours, this spray comes from a brand with an exceeding reputation. I had high expectations, and as a regular full face makeup user, I was excited to see the results. The spray itself actually feels very refreshing on the skin, with the light mist being suitable for all skin types. I didn’t find it at all oily and the fast-drying formula added to the weightlessness of the product.

I can’t say I was disappointed when I got home after a full day. Often I find my face with close to no makeup but it actually appeared as though my face had lasted. Despite it not being completely fresh, which wasn’t expected, I was pleasantly surprised to find my eyeliner intact and a fair amount of coverage still going strong. The spray has a patented Temperature Control Technology, making it suitable for all weather types – perfect for humid summer evenings or rainy spring days.

You can buy the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray for €27,50 at www.iciparisxl.nl

CLINIQUE HYDRATOR: No More Dry Skin for Men

Do you love hot showers just as much as I do? Do you enjoy going to the spa for a day and join as many sauna infusions as you can fit in one visit? Do you love to sunbath until you have the perfect sun-kissed bod? Written by Wes Viano Ferreiro.

Then you can’t go without Clinique’s newly introduced MenTM Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate. This face gel is designed to hydrate your skin to the perfect level. It leaves a cool feeling on your skin and will directly be absorbed without leaving a residue. Normally a product can leave an oily, creamy feeling but with this product you don’t have to worry about that!

The gel has a ‘liquid sphere technology’ which are capsulated beads that include Vitamin E and C that burst open once it is applied to your skin. The ‘moisture holding matrix polymer’ technology guarantees to capsulate the liquid cells in your skin and attract more of those so that your skin looks great.

A little extra bonus is that it’s allergy-free; it’s been tested 12 times on a group of 600 people – none of them showed signs of an allergic reaction.

Clinique MenTM Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate (€32) is available at all Clinique retailers and via www.clinique.nl

DAVINES: Your Perfect Hair Assistent

One of our favourite hair brands has returned with a new way of blow drying your hair.  Written by Rachel Douglass.

Your Hair Assistant is the new product line by, MIRROR MIRROR favourite, Davines giving us more reasons to love this environmentally friendly, hair loving brand. Focusing on blow drying and good quality haircuts, the line takes you from preparation, to styling, to finishing whilst remaining completely sustainable. Their focus on eco-friendly production and products is admirable and their commitment to great hair is impressive. This especially applies to this particular line, with each product providing a specific relief for your heat damaged hair.

In the shower, the Prep Mild Cream and Prep Rich Balm are a substitute for your average conditioner, with each one being suited to a particular hair type. Using the rich balm, suited for normal to thick hair, I ran the product through my dry tips. At first, I had to use large amounts of the creamy texture in order to be able to run it through the thickness of my hair. However, after washing the product off you are left with the satisfying conditioned feeling. I did miss the detangling effect so I often mixed the formula with another conditioner for extra brushing ease.

The next step is the Blowdry Primer, created to aid the speed up of drying and protect against heat and humidity. With dry hair like mine, it is hard to contain the frizz when blowdrying so it proved a challenge for the primer. Against all odds, it did manage to improve the feeling of my hair once it was dry and kept it feeling soft despite the extensive heat damage I put it through.

Finally, the Definition Mist is a spray to be used to texture the hair and polish off your style. I immediately fell in love with how light it was. Unlike heavy hairsprays, the mist stays true to its name, lightly touching your hair without taking away any shine or adding any oil. It simply highlights your natural hair, making it look its best with minimal effort involved.

To purchase the Your Hair Assistant product line go to www.hbb24.nl Definition Mist €26,50, Blowdry Primer €33,50, Prep Mild Cream €28,40, Prep Rich Balm €28,40.