Mirror Mirror - An independent
Beauty Magazine

Mirror Mirror Magazine is multi-layered like make-up, and designed to engage readers with an eye for beauty and a sense for quality. The starting point is always beauty, both in the editorial and photographic content. Building on years of skill Mirror Mirror aims to be beauty herself. The appearance of the magazine will be multi-faceted: modern yet accessible; intelligently inspiring and feminine; playfully edgy with a touch of glamour and surrealism.

“Intelligently inspiring and feminine; playfully edgy with a touch of glamour and surrealism.”

The inspiration is the world of beauty with content about cosmetics and skincare, perfumes, hair, care, jewelry and other accessories. Mirror Mirror aspires to please and pamper people living in an ever faster moving world.

Mission statement: Mirror Mirror is about inspiring people to include more beauty in their own lives. Our mission is to make the most beautiful magazine about beauty for the international market.


Leafing through this freshly printed issue, I see fourteen very diverse stories and I can happily conclude that beauty is still coming from opposing sources. Beauty can be a result of improving the classics and from demolishing received expectations. 

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