RODIAL: Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask

Treat your lips and indulge yourself in replenishing dragon’s blood. Written by Rachel Douglass.

In keeping with the exotic plants extract and sheet mask trends, Rodial has shared a new addition to their innovative dragon blood line. Continuing to use their infamous formula, with sap from the sangre de drago tree, we are now able to enhance our lips with a dragon’s blood lip mask. Combined with Vitamin E, chilli extract and baobab oil, the mask aims to tighten skin cells, smoothen and hydrate the lips, as well as subtly plump them.

When opening the packaging, I found an extremely and almost uncomfortably damp fabric, which at first wouldn’t stay on my mouth. After pressing it down for a short while it stayed in place. Almost instantly, I felt the hint of a tingling across my lips giving the impression of the plumping tool starting to work. Keeping in line with the instructions, I removed the mask after 15 minutes to reveal lips that were only a little fuller, to my disappointment. Considering my lips were quite dry already, I did notice their smoother surface. They felt slightly rejuvenated and, because of the overly damp mask, I was able to use the remnants on my lips to keep the hydration going for a little longer.

Use the lip masks in combination with the Dragon’s Blood XXL Lip Plumper pen in their lip rejuvenating due for an extra lip boost.

You can purchase a pack of 8 lip masks for €47 at or individually for €7.

COMFORT ZONE: Gentle Skin Solutions

If you wish to stay in the comfort zone of your skin routine then this Italian brand is for you. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Using products from the Active Pureness and Essential lines, I realised how perfectly gentle Comfort Zone is. Their strong use of science behind the formulas shines through, making product ranges that are perfectly suited to the large amount of skin types that need attending to. They never angered or irritated my skin, showing the consideration they take for those of us who have sensitive faces.

The Active Pureness line has been released, with an aim of ‘purifying, renewing and mattifying’ your sensitive skin. This innovative line tackles acne-prone and oily skin with a large focus on mattifying and shrinking the appearance of pores. I used the mask and corrector which, over time, showed these effects begin to kick in. The mask dries quickly, feeling firm on the skin, and once rinsed off excess oil is removed and I could feel the immediate softness left behind. My personal favourite, the corrector, was a quick fix for any blemishes I had. Redness disappeared overnight and its strength that doesn’t dry up my skin like other spot creams.

Made for regular, daily use, the Essential line further shows off the gentleness of Comfort Zone. The build-up of the foamy formula, from the Essential Face Wash, makes it a pleasure to apply. Once washed off, I could already see how clear it left my skin and how smooth it felt, without angering it.

Comfort Zone products are most often found in spas across the world, but if you do want to get your hands on them go to  Active Pureness Corrector €25, Active Pureness Mask €34, Essential Face Wash €24.

SISLEY: Mattifying Moisturising Skin Care

Oily yet dry skin is often hard to treat, making it difficult to find a moisturiser that can achieve a balance for both problems. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Sisley is an extremely trust-worthy brand. Their openness about the creation process behind their products brings a sense of honesty, making their products highly attractive. They apply knowledge and fascination of plants into products, selecting ingredients based on how they work and take advantage of plants natural properties. With some products being exclusively used in spas, you know you are using one of the best.

Oily yet dry skin is often hard to treat, making it difficult to find a moisturiser that can achieve a balance for both problems. The Parisian brand has released the Mattifying Moisturising Skin Care that aims to tackle problem areas. In its clean packaging the product holds the typical essence of luxury of the Sisley brand, focusing on the content of the cream. Tropical resins of white mallow, bamboo powder and java tea extracts form the overall base to achieve the moisture and mattifying effect aimed for.

On my first application, using a large pea size amount, I immediately noticed the silky texture of the cream making it pleasant to apply. The fragrance links the use of plant based ingredients, with a sweet smell that adds to the spa-like feeling. The cream does mattify and smooth the skin, making make-up easy to apply. During the day I noticed the difference in the softness of my skin. Oil still broke through a little, but my make-up stayed in place minus a few dry patches round my nose.

For evening I recommend pairing the cream with a heavy duty moisturiser where flaky skin occurs to avoid drying out less oily areas of your face. However, as a day cream by itself I have found it to be extremely effective. Over time my skin quality has improved, showing little to no signs of breakouts and has kept the majority of my skin even.

The Mattifying Moisturising Skin Care cream is part of the new Sisley Tropical Resins range. You can shop the collection at or various online beauty stores as €98 50ml €178 100ml

PHRAMED: ST Studio perfume review

Following the success of ST Studio’s Phenomenal, the Dutch brand has released their new fragrance Phramed as a spicy addition to their line. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Phramed is developed by the famous fragrance connoisseur Jorg Hempenuis, and has a certain complexity that is encapsulated by a combination of fruity and woody tones. The perfume brings a sense of femininity to the independent woman that ST Studio aims to empower.

At first, the scent creates a powerful and intense aroma that becomes more subtle when worn. Various exotic spices take charge, of the top, heart and base note layers, releasing a clash of cultures in one spray. However, the strong hints of vanilla and patchouli take the front line, perfectly linking to the sense of freedom the ST Studio women wish for in their fast paced lifestyle.

The clean, angular shaped bottle is not your typical frivolous packaging that you usually see on the perfumery shelves. Its industrial appearance makes it universal and constantly on trend. The simplicity and neutrality of the ST Studio brand is then appropriately converted into the soft colours and texture. Nude tones and misty pastels capture the maturity of their women whilst still managing to encourage them to avoid the superficial.

The clear understanding of the ST Studio consumer comes as no surprise as founder, Olcay Gulsen, continues to prove her knowledge of the diverse needs of these ever-changing women. The brand aims to close the gap between mass production and designer products, catering to the increasing need of the fast fashion world. Phramed courageously achieves this goal, from its aesthetically pleasing packaging to the heady scent that could become an everyday accessory for the ST Studio woman.

If you wish to try or buy €45 Phramed head over to or ICI Paris XL.