GLOSSIER: A Happy Brand

Last spring Emily Weiss, founder and creator of, visited Paris to introduce her extremely popular online beauty brand, Glossier.

“Take it, it’s free”, Weiss encourages. The generous brunette herself is discretely tucked into a corner of the Colette’s beauty floor, located in the basement of the eclectic Parisian store. In front of her, displayed on a small table, are all seven Glossier skin care products, under which lies the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, stamped with a black Glossier G, in a gothic-style design. Are there any new products coming up? I ask thirty-year-old miss Weiss. It’s like asking for the secret ingredient of eternal youth: it’s top secret, but, the beauty blogger reveals, it might be a sunscreen product.

Emily Weiss, a former fashion assistant and contributor for Teen Vogue and W magazine, founded in 2010.

I felt there was something missing in both print and digital, and digital happened to be the thing I could do the most quickly, easily and cheaply

Four years later she launched Glossier, a modern beauty brand, ‘inspired by real life’. Hurray. Glossier celebrates imperfection. After all, in real life nobody is perfect. Weiss believes that beauty should be fun, easy, and personal. So don’t expect sophisticated Glossier serums or complicated time-consuming beauty routines to be launched in the future.

The key to the success of the beauty label? Glossier is a brand marketed exclusively on social media, the products’ branding is playful (the Glossier stickers!), the packaging is sweet (pink) - but not in a cliché way; the products are fresh, unpretentious and they do work. But perhaps most importantly: Glossier is a happy brand.

Prices: Glossier Phase 1 Set with four products $ 80. Note: Glossier does not ship internationally outside of the US.