COLLAB: Courrèges X Estée Lauder


To ask the French maison Courrèges to ‘design’ a contemporary make-up collection is a splendid idea. After all, the sixties are making a comeback in fashion. We, of Mirror Mirror, are also pleased to know that the inspiration behind this co-lab collection is mirror reflection. 


All twelve products, presented in round and pure forms, are a lookback to the futuristic Courrèges style that dominated the sixties with minimalistic miniskirts and clean moonboots, all cult, and all still for sale at 

Poptimistic Collection with Super Faux Cils à la Twiggy

The transparent, silver and white make up packaging with a pristine white brush instead of a black one, is also totally Courrèges-esque.

Discover the eye-liner Black Extrême, the metallic eye Crayon, the coral colored Crème à lèvres that shines like vinyl (our favourite) and off course for the ultimate Twiggy look the Super Faux Cils. Conclusion buy this poptimistic collection, it’s legendary!  

 Prices: from € 20 tot € 46.
On sale at and