LANCÔME 80 YEARS: The Bestsellers


Recently Lancôme  named one of the biggest online influencers of beauty as their new creative make-up director: Lisa Eldridge. Is she going to add more Lancôme bestsellers? 


When thinking of Julia Roberts, one of the first things that comes to mind is Pretty Woman or maybe Steel Magnolias. And of course the French cosmetic company Lancôme. As face of the brand’s currently best selling fragrance La Vie Est Belle, she is one of the many famous actresses directly linked to the brand to appeal women all over the world. Accompanied by Lupita, Penelope, Emma and Kate, the cosmetic label tries to attract all sorts of women of every age and every ethnicity.
Next to their pretty faces, all the spokeswomen in the campaigns have another thing in common: they all promote the new slogan ‘Life is Beautiful’. That ‘life can be more beautiful’ indeed with the use of certain cosmetics, is something Armand Petitjean proclaimed since the day he founded the brand. Now, 80 years later,  it’s one of the best selling cosmetic brands worldwide. Lancôme is a brand name which can be recognized all over the world by just seeing the circumflex above the O. But how do you keep being successful as a brand for such a long time? It’s their bestsellers: 

The rich ‘Nutrix’ cream, launched in 1936 is still one of the most popular products of the brand, because of it’s intense hydrating properties. The product  hardly changed over time. Then they pioneered in celebrity endorsement.
(€ 61,00. Nutrix Royal Visage)

Who doesn’t remember the ‘Trésor’ perfume ads of Isabella Rossellini? This was the first famous face of the brand in the 90’s.
(€ 57,60. Eau de Toilette Trésor)

Lancôme succeeded in creating the industry’s darling of the mascara’s, for voluminous lashes: Hypnôse.
(€ 33,95)

It’s he current success of the Lancôme fragrance – including flankers.
(€ 56,95 30 ml Eau de Toilette La Vie Est Belle)

Lancôme is the first brand bringing the popular ‘cushion’ foundation compact from Asia to other parts of the world.
(€ 42,95)

By Melvin Balvers