VALMONT: “Dark spots are the new wrinkles”


The prestige skincare brand Valmont grows slowly but steady. The Swiss family owned brand, launched in 1985 by doctor Nadja Avalle started with around ten products, now they sell over hundred high end products. “Dark spots are the new wrinkles“ says Valmonts Agnès Teffaud. 


The concept of Valmont is to treat the age on a different level, what is the focus of your new line Expert of Light
“Expert of Light is about brightening, not about lightning. We don’t want to light the skin, we want to bright the skin. More and more women accept some wrinkles, but they don’t accept a grey face with dark spots. Dark spots are the new wrinkles.

So we worked on a new range for illuminating the skin, and that illuminates the dark patches. By the way we have already the experience of whitening crème’s, launched in Asia years go, but this is another approach.”

What would you call a typical Valmont asset?
“The strongest point and the core of Valmont is definitely anti-aging treatment. At first we rebalance and stimulate skin cells activity. The treatments are remaining treatments, our products treat very deeply into the skin, this is the philosophy of the cellular cosmetics which uses young cells to stimulate your own cells.

We treat all consequences from the age. Two years ago we launched a body treatment for woman who suffered cellulite or whatever from age. We have a hair treatment for treating hair loss. 

When starting in 1985, we never spoke about wrinkles, that started around begin nineties. So before we were really about skin balance and the problem in the heart of a cell. We had to evoluatie because sinces begin nineties the woman wants more and want it quicks as well.

In 2006 you entered in the world of spa’s, for what reason?
“We opened our spa’s first in Hongkong, then in Verbier in Switzerland. Spa’s are a new market, and the flagship of the brand. The reason to enter in spa’s almost then years ago came at the moment when we had to repositioned the brand. As luxury brand we couldn’t sell at that time anymore in the upcoming  mass market chains as Douglas or Sephora. The new distribution for a luxury brand is in a luxury hotel, we also opened a beautiful five star hotel.

What are the advances for a client?
“Treatments in a spa are very professional. It’s face to face, a clients understand the philosophy of the product better. We do the treatmaents in a cabin, and the clients always says that results are so amazing because as said, Valmont treats every problem. The first sign of aging is dehydration, with small lines that have to be treated. Then around 45, the first deep wrinkles appear, and after that come the hormonal structural wrinkles causes by the menopause.  Valmont products smoothen and give the skin a lifted effect at once. The strong side of the brand is the visible effect.”  

What are your favourite Valmont products?
“The products from the beginning, sounds strange maybe, but the oldest are the best for me. I am very attracted by the serum and the mask, and the Elixer des Glacier line. They are very precious and very concentrated. 


Expert of Light prices from:

Illuminating Foamer – tube 100 ml            €  68

Expert of Light brush pen  3.2 ml               €  95

Clarifying Infusion airless pomp 30 ml     € 268