EMBRYOLISSE: From the French pharmacy


In France, every woman knows Embryolisse products. They know them because France is overpopulated with pharmacies – in Paris alone you’ll find one at least at every boulevard. 


Typical French pharmacy brands are Embryolisse, Onagrine, Homeoplasmine and La Roche Posay. They make us happy because most of them are quite affordable and contain much less aggressive ingredients then other well known expensive skincare brands. A good example is the French cult beauty brand Embryolisse that celebrates their 65th birthday with the release of a limited Gold Edition version of their star Lait-Crème Concentre 24 Hour Miracle Cream. In 1950, a Parisian dermatologist specializing in skin pathologies, created Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre.

The LCC is still applauded for it’s superlatively hydrating quality, and often recommended by dermalogists, but it’s also a backstage beauty favourite because the crème creates the perfect base for make-up (€ 18,50). A quite new Embryolisse product is the fresh and gentle Eau Parfumante, a body mist – citrus, grapefruit, patchouli – with active ingredients such as hydrating aloe vera. A must try.  (€ 44,95) www.embryolisse-shop.nl

3 x French pharmacy’s products:

1. CLEANSING. In France they call this clear fluid that looks like water eau micellaire. In fact it’s a odourless fluid makeup remover. Soak it on a cotton round, and sweep this over you face with.

Bioderma Créaline H20 Micellar Water 500 ml € 16,15.

2. DETOX.  Onagrine is the new kid in the French pharmacies. Onagrine was created in 1981, and recently made a comeback. The name comes from the French word onagre, which means evening primrose, an herbaceous desert plant that gives Onagrine products their primary dermatological virtues.

Dna detox vitamine - concentré anti-fatigue éclat 30ml € 26. 

3. BALM. Homeoplasmine is made of a soothing blend of plant extracts. This waxy balm – for temporary use - is a panacea for skin irritants from bug bites to eczema. We know that Anja Rubik uses the Homeoplasmine lip balm. So what’s good for Anja …

Homeoplasmine 40 gram € 6,66.