HYALOMIEL: Nostalgic hand gel

On first glance at Féret Parfumeur’s Hyalomiel “jelly” for your hands, there is no doubt that this product must have a long history. The warm yellow packaging is elegantly nostalgic with typography that is trés français!

Since 1878, Féret Parfumeur has produced hyaline products such as jelly for the hands and Bloc Hyalin – 100% natural alum stone – that soothes the skin after shaving and can be used as a deodorant.

Despite stating a, “powdery rose fragrance”, I can’t help but mistake Hyalomiel’s smell for a sweetly scented anti-bacterial gel. Potentially this is due to some logical reasons; the star ingredient is honey, which offers antibacterial properties, and Hyalomiel is a gel rather than a lotion, like most other hand moisturisers.

Hyalomiel will brighten up your boudoir

Although it does leave a refreshing sensation, the scent of Hyalomiel is unique and not to everyone’s taste (mine included). I can imagine that using Hyalomiel would be most satisfying in the summer when the cool gel would feel most revitalising. However, for winter months, it lacks the richness and moisture that a lotion provides. Nevertheless, Hyalomiel will brighten up your boudoir with it’s rich yellow tube and bring with it a summery warmth.

Skins Cosmetics 50ml €12. Bloom Perfumery 50ml £9.50

Skins Cosmetics 50ml €12. Bloom Perfumery 50ml £9.50