AHAVA: Multi-masking made easy

Show me a woman with clear and perfect skin and I’ll show you (a lady of leisure) someone with an epic and flawless skincare routine. Because ultimately, we all have certain ‘problem areas’ that we sometimes struggle to get to grips with when we try to use one product to tackle everything. Written by Jade Thompson.

ahava exfoliator and face peel

We’re complicated creatures with complicated skin, from oily t-zones to cheeks that could use a little more hydration and unfortunately our faces do not fit the ‘one size fits all’ approach. AHAVA are hoping to bring you a little piece of mind with their new collection of face masks and exfoliators, aimed at providing the tender loving care your skin needs. Not to mention, the gorgeous packaging and luxurious feel of the masks will help you to turn your home into your very own spa.

In total there are three face masks which you can use to customise your skincare routine and also includes one Facial Mud Exfoliator and Facial Renewal Peel, both of which help to optimally prepare your skin before deciding what face mask to use.

AHAVA radiance mask hydration mask purifying mud mask

So what sets these products apart from your current skincare line up? Each AHAVA product includes the patented Osmoter ™, ‘a gift from nature’ and is a unique blend of Dead Sea minerals. Osmoter ™ contains the highest concentration of minerals worldwide and the technology involved helps to significantly increase moisture to keep your skin looking young and supple.

How does it work?

After prepping your skin with either the face peel or exfoliator, you can choose from the Purifying Mud Mask, the Hydration Cream Mask or the Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask. The purifying mask has a deep cleansing and purifying effect, whilst the hydrating mask gives your skin an active hydration boost using amazing ingredients such as Shea Butter. Last but not least, the radiance lifting mask directly improves the softness of skin and tightens facial features. Thanks to AHAVA, 'multimasking' has never been easier.

Better still the masks are available in travel size (8ml) with prices starting from €2.99 and they are also available in 100ml bottles with prices starting from €26.50.