SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: A Tasty New Men Fragrance

Ah, the Italian man. Suave, sophisticated, and of course, sexy. The effortless allure of Italian style is something many creatives try to successfully capture time and time again. Well, this time around Salvatore Ferragamo is taking on the challenge with his new fragrance for men, UOMO. Written by Jade Thompson.

Funnily enough, the fashion house chose the English actor Ben Barnes as the new face of UOMO, but don’t worry - with Barnes being directed by Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, Ben is less English gentlemen and much more Italian stallion.

In the accompanying video Carrozzini and Barnes manage to portray the Italian attitude we all know and love, which Ferragamo sums up: “Italian attitude is not just a matter of style, it is an ”art of living”, and a way of life, an optimistic approach in every detail and moment of life.”

I agree! However the love of all things Italian doesn’t stop at the concept. Ferragamo adds an unexpected (and yummy twist) by using the desert Tiramisu at the heart of the fragrance. Unfortunately there is nothing edible about the scent, but the charismatic oriental woody creation definitely leaves a lasting impression - and the fresh and cool opening makes for a delicious experience! Ultimately the fragrance is “an elegant embodiment of masculinity where vibrant woody notes interplay with invigorating gourmand notes of pure seduction.”

To add the icing on the cake, or should I say - the dusting of cocoa to the mascarpone, the sleek and tactile design of the bottle makes a bold statement. Using the historic 'Venna’ logo, it is re-interpreted in black on both sides and provides a comfortable grip. The result is a sophisticated and powerful design.

“UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo is the new fragrance for men expressing Italian lifestyle, heritage and innovation. This Italian spirit is everywhere, around the world, the ability to be modern, yet also timeless; to seize the day.” #Scentoflife