The BrowGal: Get the eyebrows of an A-lister with The Convertible Brow

Eyebrow specialist to the stars, Tonya Crooks, has a brand new tool to help you create A-lister worthy brows. Written by Jade Thompson.

The Brow Gal The Convertible Brow

Eyebrows have become a major trend in the beauty world and the first step to great brows are great tools. Enter The Convertible Brow from LA based Tonya Crooks, a powder/pomade duo that promises to help create the 3D brow.

Crooks has worked with a wide range of celebrities including Julia Roberts, Megan Fox and Eva Mendes to name a few. So it’s not surprising to learn that she first tested the product on her celebrity clients for over a year to make sure The Convertible Brow produced amazing results.

Prior to creating The Convertible Brow, Tonya had been left unimpressed with the brow products that were on the market at the time. She found that pomades dried out too quickly or went on too heavily, while powders were not able to provide the precise definition she desired. With The Convertible Brow, Crooks is able to give you the best of both worlds because once the wet pomade is used, the palette will dry and revert back to powder consistency, ensuring the product does not dry out.

Brow Brush not included.

Brow Brush not included.

The release is available in three different shades, for dark hair, brown/red hair and light hair and inside each compact are three different shades that have been hand mixed by “The brow Gal” herself. The result is one warm tone, one neutral and one ash tone to allow for colour matching flexibility.

The ability to easily change your look is also a huge pull for this innovative brow filler, as the travel sized gem can provide a glam look with major definition when used as a wet pomade - but if used dry, the powder finish creates volume and detail.

Become your own brow artist with The Convertible brow kit, because as Tonya Crooks states: “Who doesn’t love a convertible?”

The Convertible Brow Powder: € 35
Brow Brush: € 14