VERDÚU: Perfume by young fashion designers

Recently I met Alexander Botov, the initiator of Verdúu. The German company brings aspiring fashion designers together with the world's best perfumers.

Co-owner is Marc Buxton. Due to the small size of all Verdúu fragrances, produced in Grasse, France, people are granted access to high-quality, selective perfumes and encouraged to experience new things. Alexander Botov tells more.

First, can you explain the name Verdúu?

“The name expresses something new, something what is growing up, green (verde), unique.”

Why did you contact Marc Buxton, and not another nose?

“For me, Marc Buxton is the most versatile and creative perfumer, he is a genius. His modern art of fragrance creation for me fits perfect with young up-and-coming designers. Something like the kind of the Comme des Garcons fragrances he created, was exactly what I was looking for.”

Why did Marc Buxton loved your idea?

“On the one hand he was exited to work with young designers, to capture their modern and fresh mood and inspiration, and turn this into unprecedented creative perfumes. On the other hand he saw the hugh potential of the idea of small sizes to build up a fragrance wardrobe with many different emerging designers. We talked about the need of change in the market, blue ocean strategies, haute perfumery, creativity and passion. And at the end it all came together.”

Do you continue to work together?

“Yes. After few month of working together, he now became co-owner of Verdúu and a good friend. He is an important part of Verdúu, not only because of his genius to create perfume.”

Pricewise, the fragrances are accessible, was that one of your goals?

“I wanted to break down the barriers to try and experience new designers. Therefore it was necessary to focus on accessibility. Our fragrances are highly selective but accessible because of the size of 15ml. For me luxury is variety not excess.” 

Do you have a ‘perfume’ back ground yourself?

“My back ground is a lifelong passion for perfume. I wrote my master thesis about marketmanagement in the perfume market and worked several years for one of the biggest perfumery chains.”

Would you also like to work with Dutch designers?

“Yes, not only Dutch but designers from all over the world!” 

All Verdúu EDP’s are €39,  15 ml. Goetze “Gegenwart”. Hien Le N 1. Michael Sontag “Form”. Also on sale at Skins.