AVEDA | Delicious Dry Shampoo

Finally, a dry shampoo that doesn’t suffocate your bathroom with its aerosol spray! But how? Simple, no aerosol.

Shampure by Aveda is applied to the hair with a small squeeze of the bottle, like a pump dispenser. It even offers a even powder distribution (after you get the hang of the squeeze). It not only leaves you feeling guilt-free but also smells delicious. The Shampure line is Aveda’s ‘calming’ scent, which has 25 flower and plant essences… I can make out lavender and lemon verbena

a lot of volume is added

Continuing the company’s plant based product philosophy, Shampure includes cassava and oat powder. Cassava is said to help improve the nourishment of your hair as well as help it grow faster.

Unfortunately the powder still needs to be massaged in thoroughly at the roots to eliminate the ‘soft grey’ look. However a lot of volume is added in the process so your hair looks lifted and newly washed with no greasiness.

For those who have a darker hair colour, it would be best to stick to Batiste’s ‘Hint of Colour’ range of dry shampoo that comes in three shades from light blonde to deep brown.

Shampure: Dry Shampoo 56g - €29,50