Mr.Burberry: Fragrance for Men by Burberry

Written by Richenny "Ryfa" Felicia

April 2016 saw the launch of Mr. Burberry, the latest fragrance for men by Burberry. The eau de toilette is the male counterpart to 2014’s My Burberry and was created by the brand’s Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey in collaboration with award-wining perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

The packaging and name alone are very appealing to me as a man. With the rise of unisex products, it’s always good to know that some things are made exclusively for men. And that is exactly what this fragrance feels like. Even the use of a bow – made out of the same gabardine material of which the iconic Burberry trench coat is made – is forgiven, as it does not take away from the solid design of the bottle. It actually ads to its sophistication.

I’m a big fan of a woody accord in a scent, although at times it can be too strong. Mr. Burberry however, does a great job of balancing it out with a citrus and spicy notes. It makes the scent quite elegant and appropriate for use during the day. It’s not an invasive fragrance that impacts the room as soon as you walk in, but it will surprise people who come close to you with a charmingly masculine scent.

The contrasting elements of this fragrance are a clear sign of the way Christopher and Francis captured the diverse nature of the city of London, which they used as their inspiration next to the black Burberry trench coat. Bailey calls Mr. Burberry their “most significant men’s fragrance to date”.  The fragrance is accompanied by a grooming line and a collection of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.