CHRISTIAN FAYE: All about the eyes

Christian Faye is a brand that I was not familiar with. But who is Christian Faye?

I have no idea, since it was hard to find information about him. The main thing is that Christian Faye wants make-up to be effortless and easy. Finding out if that is also true I tested two products of his make-up line. The first product is the Christian Eyebrow Set which is available in 8 different colors and costs €29,95.

The kit shows how to easily get your smokey eye in a few simple steps

What the kit strives to do is to create the perfect eyebrows in just less than a few seconds. The second product I tested is the Quattro Eyeshadow in the color blue. The kit shows how to easily get your smokey eye in a few simple steps.

I started off with testing the eyebrow kit, it promises to thicken, colors and shape the brow in just a few steps. Within the kit you can find three different stencils to suit your eyebrow. They come in the shapes; thick, normal and thin. I have quite bushy eyebrows, so I used the thick eyebrow stencil which was still too small actually. Not that I have that huge eyebrows, but it actually did not work out the way it was meant to be. I also didn’t find it that easy to apply, since you have to push the stencil up against your brow and also apply the powder. For me it was a bit annoying, I could not see the results easily through all my fingers and my hand in front of my eyes.
So I decided to use it on a model. She had really thin eyebrows therefore I used the thin stencil. When applying it on her I must say it was really easy and the result was also quite good.


As for the Quattro eyeshadow the quality of the powder was really good. It was easy to apply and it felt soft on the eye. Getting the smokey eye result has never been this easy. On the front of the package it shows a drawn eye with numbers which corresponds with the eyeshadows. So it’s just a quick copy paste and voila, you have a good professional looking smokey eye. The eyeshadow can be bought in numerous color combinations for €15,95. 

After testing the kits effortless is something that I can definitely confirm. Being someone that doesn’t like to go through a lot of trouble for a good make-up look I can find a solution in the products of Christian Faye.

Tessa Bosman