& Other Stories: Sardonyx Fire Perfume Oil

The super hip brand, & Other Stories has a treat for those with a nose for delicious scents. Written by Jade Thompson

Sardonyx Fire & Other Stories

& Other Stories proves that their collection of clothes are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to creating must-have items. The beauty line has been extended with a new fragrance oil, ‘Sardonyx Fire’, available in a smartly sized vial and has a roll-on applicator making it perfect to travel with … and you will want to travel with it!

Sardonyx Fire’ has a gorgeous fragrance featuring black amber, vanilla and guava and the warm and earthy tones within the scent feel like a warm hug – perfect for the current icy weather. You can apply the oil on your pulse points to make the scent last longer but due to its non-alcoholic formula, it can also be placed anywhere on the body.

If the new beauty addition has you hankering for more, you’ll be happy to know that the line of fragrance oils also includes two other scents, Fig Fiction and Punk Bouquet which are available on the & Other Stories website.

Sardonyx Fire Roll on Perfume - €15
Paraben free.