With new brands arising every day, the established ones are fighting hard to don’t get forgotten. Written by Wes Vianna Fereiro.

One of their strongest assets in this fight is the rich history that long-established brands have. Penhaligon’s is one of those brands. Established in 1870, it tells a story of a Cornish barber who moved to London to change the scene. Inspired by the Turkish baths on Jermyn Street, William Penhaligon created his first fragrance Hammam Bouquet. His efforts and creations didn’t go by unnoticed, especially not by the British royals who have repeatedly contracted his services. Over 147 years Penhaligon has received several royal warrants, created innovative fragrances that tell a lush story of world trade and all without ever changing the original bottle design.

Halfetti is an abundant wood-flowery fragrance inspired on the luxurious goods imported from Turkey by the Levant Company. Think exotic flowers, spices, soft leather and costly fabrics. It’s named after the Turkish village Halfetti, where black roses grow on the riverbanks. All fragrances from the Trade Routes Collection make you think of an exotic place, continents away. Halfetti is one of the heavier fragrances, yet the collection also carries fragrances that are more attainable. Empressa is inspired by the beauty of mother-of-pearl, precious silk and other goods imported to London to wow powerful, influential ladies. Penhaligon’s story-telling is about as strong as a contemporary brand can have and enables you to travel far from home in just one sprinkle.

Penhaligon’s London is exclusively available in all Skins stores and its web shop. Halfetti, 100ml, €185. Empressa, 100ml, €149.