Update your daily lip balm with three different sweet scents of the new Caudalie lip balm line, suitably called French Kiss. Written by Rachel Douglass.

I have a genuine fondness of lip balms that taste and smell as good as they feel and Caudalie has only enhanced this feeling. Their new range, French Kiss, takes you all the way into the streets of Paris in one compact container. The three different types all contain aloe vera and beeswax, as well as grape-seed polyphenols, reminiscent of French wine.

The container itself is seemingly small, appearing to not have much space for the actual balm. Despite the smallness, I really like the casing. The wood print lid makes the balm look very refined, making it stand out amongst other lip products. The compact exterior makes it handy to carry round with you, so you can keep it by your side on a daily basis.


The smell of this balm is enticing, with sweet fruity tones that almost made me want to eat it out the pot. On first application, I was slightly confused as to why it was so difficult to get the product on my finger. The exterior is hard and not very creamy, however I soon realised a little pressure was needed in order to activate the balm. It then is a pleasure to apply, as I became unable to stop layering the product on.

‘Seduction’ was my chosen colour, and the name explains it all. The light pink tint was subtle and appeared very natural. My lips looked softer, with cracks being smoothed out. The fruity flavour does ensure that you will be needing a regular top up throughout the day. This was hardly a chore for me as I couldn’t get enough of the smell. A perfect balm for daily use.

Caudalie - French Kiss €11.