Treat your dry winter skin to some luxury, owed to Burkinabé women and the research efforts of L’Occitane, with the Ultra Rich Body Cream. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Shea butter is a major player in the high quality products that L’Occitane brings out, with shea butter stock being highly popular among customers. The butter has a rich history, used by women in Africa as a beauty product protecting their skin and hair. A clear show of how effective the ingredient is. For L’Occitane, the butter is sourced by Burkinabé women who dedicate themselves to sustainably supplying the brand. It is no wonder that L’Occitane has such a high reputation, as the effort that goes into their production is well sought out. 

I always like to get to know the products that I am trying, as I am fascinated by the back story of the ingredients as well as how the product has actually come about. Knowing what I know now about the ingredients, I see that 25% shea butter in the L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream is a notable trait. The thick white cream, stored in a large container, has close to no heavy perfume so the scent is not at all overwhelming.

I was actually very comfortable applying the cream all over my body. At first, it took a while to sink in as I realised that a generous amount was not necessary to cover a wide area. However, when it does sink in I was not left with any greasy feeling. In reality I found it actually made my skin appear slightly glowy whilst still tending to the dry parts that needed the attention. On regular usage, I did see the quality of my skin slowly improve. Especially when I got into a habit of using the product after having a shower. I would recommend this ultra-rich cream for that infamous dry winter skin, that is inevitably about to attack any time soon, if it hasn’t done so already.

If you would like to purchase the L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream in Shea Butter, you can do so for €34 at their website http://nl.loccitane.com/