I went back to basics, with the original beautyblender® to see if it deserved its cult-like fan base. Written by Rachel Douglass.

The beauty blender has become one of the most popular make-up applicators in the beauty world, gaining major attention via online bloggers and beauty vloggers who raved about the colourful sponges. First conceptualised back in 2002, the beautyblender® brand has now expanded internationally. Supplying blenders for almost every make-up type, each one with a large selection of colours, make-up addicts can certainly get their fix.

The idea behind the product is to provide the ability to apply foundation and concealer evenly, keeping the process more sanitary than if you used your hands. The tear drop shape ensures you can cover larger and small areas, whilst still being able to hold the blender comfortably. This was my first observation when I started to apply my make-up.


I personally think that how you use the blender is up to your preferences and technique. When referring to online bloggers and how they use the item, I noticed many of them put their foundation on their hand, dipped the sponge and applied from there. This technique didn’t seem to work for me. The sponge soaked up more of the product than what actually was deposited on my face. What I found more effective was putting the foundation in spots around my face then dabbing it around to spread it evenly. The blender still soaked up a lot of product but my foundation was effectively applied.

The blender soaking up my make-up is the biggest issue I have with it. The sponge gets dirty fairly quickly meaning it needs to be washed on a regular basis. It also means I feel as though I am wasting a bit of my foundation that I can’t get back. This, however, is something I feel I can partially accept and prefer over using my hands, which I find to be more messy.

The blender has now become part of my daily make-up routine, making it quick and easy. I understand why beautyblender® has done so well since the making of the original product. It’s quite impressive to market a make-up sponge and have it reach the beauty status that it has gained today.

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