BIOEFFECT: EGF Eye Mask Treatment

Utilising the latest in scientific beauty, BIOEFFECT promises to revitalise your delicate under eye area using their Nobel Prize winning formula. Written by Jade Thompson.


The search for the perfect under eye cream can feel like a never-ending journey and with nearly every beauty brand offering a product claiming to reduce dark circles, fight wrinkles, treat puffiness and do your taxes (no, not really)  - it can be difficult to even know where to begin. Hoping to alleviate that confusion with a product that actually provides results is an eye treatment from BIOEFFECT.

The treatment set contains 6 pairs of hydrogel eye masks and a 3ml bottle of the brands popular EGF Eye Serum -  and what makes this really special (you guessed it), is the inclusion of EGF which stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. The unique ingredient effectively stimulates your skin to renew itself using ‘a plant-based replica of EGF, a naturally occurring human protein, in barley’.

The use of the ingredient doesn’t come without controversy, and human-derived EGF is actually banned in the EU. While BIOEFFECT uses a plant based formula, it is still worth doing your research to see if it’s an ingredient you can include in your skincare regime. A good place to start is this blog from Caroline Hiron.

So how does it work? First smooth on a small amount of the eye serum for targeted anti-ageing and then apply the eye mask for 15 minutes. The serum in the handy kit also contains a higher concentration of EGF to provide an intensive boost of hydration. What’s more, the EGF Eye Mask Treatment is oil-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

BIOEFFECT® EGF EYE TREATMENT MASK is available at Skins Cosmetics and for €85.