PHRAMED: ST Studio perfume review

Following the success of ST Studio’s Phenomenal, the Dutch brand has released their new fragrance Phramed as a spicy addition to their line. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Phramed is developed by the famous fragrance connoisseur Jorg Hempenuis, and has a certain complexity that is encapsulated by a combination of fruity and woody tones. The perfume brings a sense of femininity to the independent woman that ST Studio aims to empower.

At first, the scent creates a powerful and intense aroma that becomes more subtle when worn. Various exotic spices take charge, of the top, heart and base note layers, releasing a clash of cultures in one spray. However, the strong hints of vanilla and patchouli take the front line, perfectly linking to the sense of freedom the ST Studio women wish for in their fast paced lifestyle.

The clean, angular shaped bottle is not your typical frivolous packaging that you usually see on the perfumery shelves. Its industrial appearance makes it universal and constantly on trend. The simplicity and neutrality of the ST Studio brand is then appropriately converted into the soft colours and texture. Nude tones and misty pastels capture the maturity of their women whilst still managing to encourage them to avoid the superficial.

The clear understanding of the ST Studio consumer comes as no surprise as founder, Olcay Gulsen, continues to prove her knowledge of the diverse needs of these ever-changing women. The brand aims to close the gap between mass production and designer products, catering to the increasing need of the fast fashion world. Phramed courageously achieves this goal, from its aesthetically pleasing packaging to the heady scent that could become an everyday accessory for the ST Studio woman.

If you wish to try or buy €45 Phramed head over to or ICI Paris XL.