ELLIS FAAS: The Love Set

While it may seem like Christmas was just last week, the annual day of love is quickly creeping up on us and ELLIS FAAS has a new make-up set to provide you with the perfect valentines kiss. Written by Jade Thompson.

Ellis Faas The Love Set

“Only tested on supermodels”

The Love Set is a collection of gorgeous goodies for your lips, available in four different shades and textures plus four ‘Ellis Clips’. The make-up line from Faas draws inspiration from the colours that the body naturally produces, because of this, Faas claims all shades will work for all skin tones. 

It’s no surprise then that these daring reds are a dark velvety colour in close comparison to the natural colour of blood. The effect is a bold look which screams bombshell (and not hungry vampire).

If you’re looking to treat yourself, or would like to casually hint to your partner that you need these in your lipstick collection, head over to ELLIS FAAS.com.

The ELLIS FAAS giftbox contains:
Creamy Lips L101 “Ellis Red"
Milky Lips L202 “Dark Blood"
Glazed Lips L303 “Sheer Berry"
Hot Lips L401 “Bright Red"
Four Ellis Clips

From left to right: L202, L401, L303, L101

From left to right: L202, L401, L303, L101