HUGO BOSS: Iced Elegance

Most first experiences of a young male millennial trying his first cologne or perfume dates back to their dad’s or granddad’s bathroom. Written by Wes Viana Ferreiro.


The fragrances I would find in these type of bathrooms were Hugo by Hugo Boss (the classic dad), Kenzo pour Homme (the cool dad) and Eau Savage by Dior (the granddad).

The perfume industry has undergone an extreme transformation since the 1990s and boundaries between predominantly male and female fragrances have since blurred. Yet for those who are not so gender fluid as to cross that border and use a perfume designed for both sexes, perfume makers still design and market specific perfumes for specific genders.

Two of these perfumes are the just newly released Hugo Iced by Hugo Boss and the newly introduced travel spray of the in 2010 released Bleu de Chanel.

Hugo Boss launched the new fragrance from the Hugo line in January 2017.  The fragrance claims to give a ‘condifent boost of freshness’. Iced is an eau de toilette which is perfect for a hot summer’s day – ideally used after exercise. The fragrance is light, so it is not too dominating. It is said the base note is vetiver, but the top note of iced mint and heart note of frozen wild tea seem to make this disappear. Wear this fragrance during summer and you’ll be sure to make a confident and rejuvenating appearance.

 Hugo Iced. Prices starts at €57 for 75ml. At