COMFORT ZONE: Gentle Skin Solutions

If you wish to stay in the comfort zone of your skin routine then this Italian brand is for you. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Using products from the Active Pureness and Essential lines, I realised how perfectly gentle Comfort Zone is. Their strong use of science behind the formulas shines through, making product ranges that are perfectly suited to the large amount of skin types that need attending to. They never angered or irritated my skin, showing the consideration they take for those of us who have sensitive faces.

The Active Pureness line has been released, with an aim of ‘purifying, renewing and mattifying’ your sensitive skin. This innovative line tackles acne-prone and oily skin with a large focus on mattifying and shrinking the appearance of pores. I used the mask and corrector which, over time, showed these effects begin to kick in. The mask dries quickly, feeling firm on the skin, and once rinsed off excess oil is removed and I could feel the immediate softness left behind. My personal favourite, the corrector, was a quick fix for any blemishes I had. Redness disappeared overnight and its strength that doesn’t dry up my skin like other spot creams.

Made for regular, daily use, the Essential line further shows off the gentleness of Comfort Zone. The build-up of the foamy formula, from the Essential Face Wash, makes it a pleasure to apply. Once washed off, I could already see how clear it left my skin and how smooth it felt, without angering it.

Comfort Zone products are most often found in spas across the world, but if you do want to get your hands on them go to  Active Pureness Corrector €25, Active Pureness Mask €34, Essential Face Wash €24.