RODIAL: Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask

Treat your lips and indulge yourself in replenishing dragon’s blood. Written by Rachel Douglass.

In keeping with the exotic plants extract and sheet mask trends, Rodial has shared a new addition to their innovative dragon blood line. Continuing to use their infamous formula, with sap from the sangre de drago tree, we are now able to enhance our lips with a dragon’s blood lip mask. Combined with Vitamin E, chilli extract and baobab oil, the mask aims to tighten skin cells, smoothen and hydrate the lips, as well as subtly plump them.

When opening the packaging, I found an extremely and almost uncomfortably damp fabric, which at first wouldn’t stay on my mouth. After pressing it down for a short while it stayed in place. Almost instantly, I felt the hint of a tingling across my lips giving the impression of the plumping tool starting to work. Keeping in line with the instructions, I removed the mask after 15 minutes to reveal lips that were only a little fuller, to my disappointment. Considering my lips were quite dry already, I did notice their smoother surface. They felt slightly rejuvenated and, because of the overly damp mask, I was able to use the remnants on my lips to keep the hydration going for a little longer.

Use the lip masks in combination with the Dragon’s Blood XXL Lip Plumper pen in their lip rejuvenating due for an extra lip boost.

You can purchase a pack of 8 lip masks for €47 at or individually for €7.