TRINGGG: A Liu Jo perfume phone case

Top up your fragrance whilst using your phone with the Liu Jo phone case! Written by Rachel Douglass.

This may not be something you need, but hey, it is a fun way to keep you smelling fresh all day. Instead of carrying around perfume bottles, carry around the Liu Jo perfume phone case and top up 24/7. With their forward thinking minds, the creators at Liu Jo have given you access to your perfume as you use your phone. Well, if you have an iPhone 6 that is.

The fragrance is encased in a very glamourous gold case, offering a refillable capsule of 25ml. They start you off with their Liu Jo Gold Edition scent, capturing woody notes of patchouli, praline and bergamot. This creation provides a handy little addition to your handbag, to keep you going from day to night.

You can purchase the Liu Jo Gold Edition cover, along with other styles, for €50 25ml at