DAVINES: Your Perfect Hair Assistent

One of our favourite hair brands has returned with a new way of blow drying your hair.  Written by Rachel Douglass.

Your Hair Assistant is the new product line by, MIRROR MIRROR favourite, Davines giving us more reasons to love this environmentally friendly, hair loving brand. Focusing on blow drying and good quality haircuts, the line takes you from preparation, to styling, to finishing whilst remaining completely sustainable. Their focus on eco-friendly production and products is admirable and their commitment to great hair is impressive. This especially applies to this particular line, with each product providing a specific relief for your heat damaged hair.

In the shower, the Prep Mild Cream and Prep Rich Balm are a substitute for your average conditioner, with each one being suited to a particular hair type. Using the rich balm, suited for normal to thick hair, I ran the product through my dry tips. At first, I had to use large amounts of the creamy texture in order to be able to run it through the thickness of my hair. However, after washing the product off you are left with the satisfying conditioned feeling. I did miss the detangling effect so I often mixed the formula with another conditioner for extra brushing ease.

The next step is the Blowdry Primer, created to aid the speed up of drying and protect against heat and humidity. With dry hair like mine, it is hard to contain the frizz when blowdrying so it proved a challenge for the primer. Against all odds, it did manage to improve the feeling of my hair once it was dry and kept it feeling soft despite the extensive heat damage I put it through.

Finally, the Definition Mist is a spray to be used to texture the hair and polish off your style. I immediately fell in love with how light it was. Unlike heavy hairsprays, the mist stays true to its name, lightly touching your hair without taking away any shine or adding any oil. It simply highlights your natural hair, making it look its best with minimal effort involved.

To purchase the Your Hair Assistant product line go to www.hbb24.nl Definition Mist €26,50, Blowdry Primer €33,50, Prep Mild Cream €28,40, Prep Rich Balm €28,40.