& Other Stories capture the smell of nostalgia in their new Miami Muse beauty line. Written by Rachel Douglass.

Ever dreamt of smelling like the sweet scent of cotton candy all day, every day? & Other Stories have made this a possibility with their cotton candy flavoured Miami Muse line. The new beauty collection features baby pink body wash, hand cream and body spray to keep you smelling good non-stop.

The body wash, a personal favourite of mine, provides refreshing moisture in a silky soap with an intense fragrance that has the power to boost your mood. The feeling of hydration comes from the use of vitamin E and macadamia oil mixed with almond oil, urging you to layer up your body. The sweet smell is youthful, creating an energetic line for the & Other Stories brand reminding you of your childhood days.

To purchase the Miami Muse line go to www.stories.com/nl