Get the feeling of luxury from outstanding simplicity. Written by Rachel Douglass

We all have that one product that doesn’t necessarily have an important function but we still adore and refuse to think otherwise. This product for me has become the KenzoKI SOS Roll-On Mask. I can’t seem to get enough of using it, despite it not bringing much of a change to my face, and I believe it all comes down to its innovative design.

At the end of the simple tube the applicator, a rounded metal roller, ensures that product is evenly spread under the eye. This technique provides an instantly refreshing feel when applying, creating a sense of energy and an illuminating feeling under your eyes. It is for this reason I have become absorbed with this product, using it as a refreshing boost at the end of a long day.

Its actual aim is to tighten the under eye area, leaving it feel firmer and look brighter. I don’t necessarily see these effects, but I certainly feel them through the slight tingling sensation provided by the formula. The fragrance is signature to the brand, with enticing hints of ginger and a use of multi minerals to invigorate the eye zone. It can definitely become a weekly dose of luxury from a seemingly simple product.

You can purchase to KenzoKI SOS Roll-On Mask for €29.50 from