Philips Sonic DiamondClean: A Rosy Smile

As a millennial I’m one of those people who halfway their teens had the choice between manual and electrical tooth brushing. Electrical toothbrushes are recommended by dentists. But it takes some time to adapt from the manual movements to the electrical. Written by Wes Viana Ferreiro.

I still have to tell myself daily to hold my brush still, and carefully hit every tooth on three sides. Tooth brushing is incoherently connected to parenting, every parent will tell their children to brush their teeth properly every day and never skip. Therefore tooth brushing can sometimes feel like a paradox punishment, but why? Tooth brushing is just for you!

With the introduction of the Philips Sonic Diamondclean series (in addition to a lot of other innovative products) tooth brushing does not have to feel like a disciplinary act any longer. The new devices have a sleek and intelligent design. It powers wireless and it fits right in with any designer bathroom.

Previously toothbrushes were put away in cupboards, but now toothbrushes can predominantly feature in your lush bathroom. It also comes with a practical traveler’s set that is chargeable via USB. The many different features make tooth brushing a fun activity, similar to a game where you have to hit every level before you can stop and feel significantly better once you have.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rose Gold is available now for a retail price of €209.99