ALLIES OF SKINS: Bright Future Overnight Facial Mask


All the effects of daily exfoliation and spa facials in just a few nights, in a simple yet effective lightweight gel. Written by Rachel Douglass.

I don’t often use overnight treatments, so I had high anticipation for this Allies of Skin mask. With instructions of using the mask 2-3 nights in a row, giving the effect of high exfoliation. The ingredients list was already exciting, with AHAs, Retinol and Probiotics, further encouragement of intense skin nourishment. My hope was that it would tackle my dark spots, visible pores and old scarring, which are the main problem areas my skin faces.



The gel itself is very light weight, and not overly sticky, making application smooth. I didn’t feel uncomfortable to lie down after putting the product on, as it only took a few seconds to fully dry. My excitement to see the results the next morning wasn’t disheartened. I noticed my skin looked a lot brighter, and definitively smoother. There was some residue that I needed to peel off, but it was the only fault I could find because, after only one night, I could already see significant changes.

Over the next two nights my skin condition improved quite a bit more, with a smoother appearance and a visible relief from stress. My skin looked refreshed and my hopes were truly reached each morning. However, the effects of the mask start to wear off after a few days of not using it. With make-up usage and other daily effects, the refreshed look started to die away, suggesting that using this product may have to become a fortnightly ritual. For the price, this can feel quite painful but the regular usage promises lasting effects.

You can purchase the Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial Mask at for €130. Check the complete Allies of Skins line at Skins.