With perfume bottles that wouldn’t be out of place in the design section at the Stedelijk, L’Artisan Parfumeur has been creating perfumes for over forty years. Written by Wes Viana Ferreiro.

L’Artisan Parfumeur creator Jean Laporte started out composing fragrances for friends, which soon he soon started to branch out to other customers.  The classic collection has not been altered since the beginning, and are still as modern as a Mondrian painting. 

As a tribute to its founder, the newly added fragrances take you on a magical journey, one that fuses the human arts and the beauty of nature. 

The newly introduced colognes – Au bord de L’Eau and Sur L’Herbe ­– are a homage to the impressionist masterpieces by parfumeur Fabrice Pellegrin. 


Au bord de l’Eau is a combination of lemon zest and bergamot with hints of neroli. This cologne is the perfect choice while on a boat enjoying some canapés and a Negroni in the sun. Sur L’Herbe uses bergamot too, but is much more subtle than Au bord. Perfect to wear at your best friend’s birthday party – not to steal away his or her thunder. The collection has been extended with a broad candle collection. Also check out their Instagram page for some visual marketing heaven.

 L’Artisan Parfumeur is available now at all Skins stores and on www.skins.nl Au bord de l’Eau and Sur L’Herbe 100ml/€112. Candle Collection 250gr/€63.