AESOP: Dentrifice


King of beautifully designed retail stores all around the world has now stepped into the world of dental care with their outspoken toothpaste Dentrifice.

And how?  It brings you a innovative product with a taste that you would normally only expect in a contemporary Asian restaurant on their dessert menu. The toothpaste includes soothing Sea Buckthorn to lessen gum aggravation while cardamom (yes, cardamom!) and Wasabia Japonica (not to be mistaken with the cheap wasabi served at take-away sushi restaurants) help to maintain a fresh breath.

The toothpaste includes soothing Sea Buckthorn

At first you may experience a refreshing experience with the taste of wasabi and cardamom, but after a few brush sessions you are lost without it. Text by Wes Viano Ferreiro.

Aesop Dentrifice €19. Available at Skins stores and on