EX NIHILO: Philosophy Fragrance


Wrapped in a beautiful soft box somewhat reminiscent of a safe, Ex Nihilo Citizen X creates an expectation of elegant softness and old grandeur. And that is exactly what it delivers. Written by Wes Viana Ferreiro.

Citizen X is a clear, vibrant fragrance that feels light to the skin with the perfect amount of spice. The Parisian perfume house brings iconic fragrances with the Iconoclaste Collection – a range of perfumes inspired by free thinkers and an homage to the Great independents.

Typical Parisian, a free-spirited perfume for those who have a clear head and enjoy balanced and sensual perfumes.

EX NIHILO Citizen X. 50 ml / €180. 100 ml / €260. Available at Skins stores and on www.skins.nl