INTERVIEW: Jeremy Scott


“My food is made by my own people,” says Jeremy Scott. He just finished a burger. A veggie burger. “I am a vegetarian, so all things are especially made by me. Hahaha spoiled!”It’s not always easy being a vegetarian in Paris, mocks Scott, even in a nice place like the posh Peninsula Hotel where I meet him, ready to show his third Moschino collection in Milan. He just launched his first perfume for Adidas. “I designed the bottle as well, and worked for two years on the fragrance.”


Can we expect more beauty?
“I love the idea doing beauty! That’s something very exited for me. I would love to do make-up, I thought already about that, but then I need the support of the right kind of company, I didn’t really think about that part yet. First step one.”

You did quite some collabs in your carreer, a shoe with Adidas must have been the first one?
“Yes. The first was only 100 shoes, later in 2006 I did an Adidas shoe with a tracksuit, with the Keith Haring foundation, and I still work with Adidas, and also with Longchamp for years.

 Yeah. The reason I wanted to do Adidas was because of the reach. The fact that I  could have my ideas not be compromised, be able to do something challenging with mass production and have a global reach and have a price point that was still accessible for people without compromising quality.

For me, I could not achieve that on my own, I am too small, don’t produce enough and don’t have that reach. I would say – for other brands – they all have their own reasons – but I think they are quite similar.”

Are there collabs you turned down?
“Sure. If it’s a thing I am not inspired by. I only do things I am inspired by. Well I don’t wanna be rude, but there are lots of offers I had that I didn’t felt passionate about. All kinds – shoes, apparel everything…cars. I am not giving my name to a product for a check, other designers do that maybe and that is fine, but for me is how can I bring my creativity.”

 I saw you almost have a million followers on instagram, how important is social media for you nowadays?
“I love it. I love to be able to communicate things directly to my fans. The thing that separates me from other designers: other designers have clients, but I also have fans! They are really passionate of what I am doing, passionate about my different projects, about my life. Social Media is a wonderful way of connecting. My work in fashion has always been about connecting, communicate with people. So instagram is just a great communication tool in that way. It’s also kind of addictive, but for me it’s fun, and a way to connect with people I would not have otherwise.

Does it help in sales?
“I would imagine yeah. If I have new shoes, I am able to reach people on my own, besides whatever reach Adidas would have, or whatever reach Vogue would have, or whoever is talking about it.”

Whatever you do, your style has always been very outspoken,
“Either people looooove or haaaaate my work. That’s just the way it is. My intensions are good and if people want to come along for the ride, then great, but if they don’t, then fine, but don’t stand in my way because the train is gonna come through no matter what." 

Either people looooove or haaaaate my work. That’s just the way it is

Did you expect the success from the first Moschino show?
“I  hoped for it, hahaha.”

You made the Moschino very happy I guess?
They have been super supportive and positive by all my ideas and very nurturing. From my creative ideas to my business ideas, as the capsule collection. Great. They had no prove that is was going to work. Then it worked and even better again this seasons.”

Did you expect people fighting for Barbie dolls?
“Haha I kind of imagined it sadly yes. There were only 120 dolls, just for the front row. I have one. Luckily.”

Great idea selling Moschino-stuff that is right available!
“Thank you. Just as you asked about social media, people like things they see online, and they don’t resume why it is not popping on their phone. So I thought why don’t we make it really instant fashion? And make a part of the collection that is right a way available. It’s so exiting stuff, so why six month waiting? You know all the factories in Asia are copying my shoes and cellphone cases, so this is also away to beat them.” 

By the way, I once met Franco Moschino in the eighties.
“Wooow. How amazing!” 

I recently wrote an article about him, and he once said “I wish I was born in London instead of Italy, because there my style was very quickly adapted, the Italians came much more later.
“Hahahaa. For me the Europeans have definitely been more supportive. I started nineteen years in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld was really supportive, and the Japanese as well. After six years, I moved to LA, I showed in New York and moved the shows back to Paris, and then back. Haha. I’ve also showed in London. I wanted also to have an interesting career, I now have the legacy of New York and Paris, and I think that’s kind of great. I have a global reach.”

Moschino always said fashion meant fun for him, what about you?
“For me the same thing. I also want to bring joy to people. You know there are so many serious things in the world, and I just choose not to be one of them. If you turn on the news everything is so .. scary. What I do is light-hearted, it makes people smile.”

 Do you read critics of your shows?
“Honestly: I don’t really care. I don’t do my collections for critics. I do my collections for my fans. So for me it’s the reactions from my fans that I actually care about. Way more than I am more curious about and concerned about because if they like me I know I am doing the right thing.”