MISIA - The scent


Recently she was honoured with a Chanel lipstick. Now there is Misia, a powdery floral Chanel fragrance with violet, iris and Turkish rose notes. Who is Misia? Maria Godebska Natanson Edwards Sert (1872-1950), Polish by birth, was a Parisian hostess and art patron during the roaring twenties, and keyfigure in the artistic scene of Paris. A brief summary of her life: Misia was an exceptionally talented pianist and as a child played Beethoven sitting on the lap of Franz Proust based two of his novel’s characters on Misia, immortalizing her in literature the way many artists did on canvas. The cream of Parisian society sought to be invited to her dinners. 

Proust called Misia a monument of history

As the wife of Thadée Natanson, publisher of La Revue blanche magazine, Misia entertained artists and writers associated with the publication. Mallarmé, Valéry, Lautrec, Renoir, Bonnard, Vallotton, Picasso, Debussy, Stravinski, Richard Strauss, Diaghilev and Ravel were among the artists and writers included in Misia’s circle. One of her dearest friends became Coco Chanel. The elegant Misia scent has a nostalgic vintage vibe, and is a new edition within the collection Les Exclusifs de Chanel made by Olivier Polge, it’s his first venture for the house of Chanel. Misia as a scent? Let’s call her classy with a sexy edge.

Misia – Collection Les Exclusifs De Chanel  75 ml  € 133,00. Misia – Collection Les Exclusifs De Chanel 200 ml  € 255,00. 
Only on sale in Chanel Boutiques.

If you want to read more: Misia: Reine de Paris. Editions Gallimard and Musée d’Orsay, 35 € ISBN: 9-782070-138197.