Prickly Pear oil, the new Argan?

Picture by Jamie Nelson

Picture by Jamie Nelson

The oil revolution is slightly slipping into every segment of the beauty market; from day creams to conditioners. Recently YSL launched as one of the first a lipgloss-in-oil product (Rouge Volupté Tint-in-Oil (€ 31,95 / Also Rimmel jumped on the bandwagon by using argan oil in their newest mascara (Wonder’Full with argan oil € 13,49 via But now Argan oil is getting some serious competition. Bet that this ‘new’ one is going to be an even bigger success!


It started with the well known jojoba and almond oil, later on it was the coconut oil and recently the big trend of the argan oil. Why all these oils? It’s been said that oil does more than just hydrate, it has also anti-age effects. The next big ‘it-oil’ is one extracted from the seeds of a cactus fruit, Opuntia Ficus Indica Cactus, a.k.a. prickly pear. Originally from the dry parts of Mexico.

Prickly Pear beats Argan in many ways, but mostly with the higher amount of protecting vitamin E and softening linoleic acid. It’s been claimed that the oil would promote the grown of new skin cells, diminish inflammation and soothes the skin with it’s hydrating properties. By testing the oil (Precious Prickly Pear Oil van Argandia € 44,95, on myself, I found out that it made the redness around my nose less visible and a big plus: the oil is being absorbed very well.

Always look for the ‘cold pressed’ label on the packaging of the oils, this means it’s the most purest form. Because every seed exitsts for just 5 percent out of oil, it takes a lot of effort to fill a whole bottle with it. So watch out, the cheaper the oil, the more likely it is that it’s mixed with water.

My top five of products with prickley pear oil already in their formula:

  1. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask With Rare Prickly Pear Oil
    (€ 51 via /
    This mask by the French celebrity-hairdresser repairs dry ends, makes hair more smooth and creates a super thin protecting film around the hair.
  2. Precious Prickly Pear Oil (€ 44,95 via
    Anti-age properties packed in one oil, for less visible fine lines.
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment  (€ 102,42 via
    A brightening, firming anti-age cream and mask in one. Reduces hyper pigmentation and discoloration (like scars).
  4. Sia Botanics Prickly Pear Cleanser ( € 14,75 via
    An organic, mild cleanse of the face, suitable for every skin type.
  5. GlamGlow Power Mud Dual Cleanse Treatment Mask
    (€ 49,50 /
    This facemask clears out the pores without over-drying the skin.


By Melvin Balvers