Crystal Magic

“We wanted to create beautiful kaleidoscopic branches of crystals,” says Peter Pilotto about the Atelier Swarovski by Peter Pilotto Collection.

According the founder of the eponymous label, launched in 2007 with Christopher de Vos, the duo were inspired by the architecture of nature. - from tiny molecules to floral patterns - and the mechanical structures within modern art to push the boundaries of the creative potential of crystal in a collection of sculptural yet wearable jewels.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. “In the beginning we often said that it was Christopher who looked after the silhouettes and I was focused more on the graphics, but now we have both become much more involved in all the different aspects of designing.” In 2009 the duo received a pleasant shock when discovering via twitter that US First Lady, Michelle Obama, had worn one of their designs.

Sold worldwide in over two hundred outlets, the clothing collection captures the imagination through the use of colorful digital prints, based on science and nature, that are alien and enigmatic. The stand out style no doubt was the driving force behind Swarovski’s appraoch tot the label to design a jewellery range.  

So what came first? The Peter Pilotto collection or the jewelry? ”It was an organic dialogue. Our intention was to bring the vibrancy and dynamic elements of our collections to the design process and translate that into the jewellery collection. They reflect and compliment each other.”

 November 20th, Peter Pilotto present highlights from the label’s collections during Fashion in Motion organized by Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Necklace The Atelier Swarovski by Peter Pilotto Collection € 599. Earrings The Atelier Swarovski by Peter Pilotto Collection € 299.