Get inspired by Fendi’s Candy Punk Glam

It’s fair to say we were all stunned by Fendi’s SS17 runway show. Karl’s new interpretation of the rococo woman was refined and athletic; but what caught our attention the most was the unconventional aesthetic of the models.

“Karl told me he wanted a naturalness, but at the same time that candy feeling” said make up artist Peter Philips. That’s exactly what those glittery lips with cute hair pins brought; and pairing it with grungy cut eyeliner it made for a curious dream character.

If you’re scared to play with your look since it might not be accepted at your workplace, people can look at your weirdly or whatever reason; look at goddess Naomi Campbell here. Those lips are perfect to make a statement and still keep it simple.

About the eyes? That bold eyeliner was made for a sexy night out. So, let Fendi inspire you for a day and twist things around. It might turn out better than you think. Written by María Colina Saab.