Princesses of Whiteland looks & tutorial

Princesses of Whiteland captured by Gail Meijer


Make-up ‘How to’ by Eva Agerbeek

To get the base just right I started off with clean skin using a bit of Bioderma, then added some Lancome Hydra Zen daycream and a bit of Weleda Skinfood on more dry areas wherever needed. I used a MAC Studio Finish Concealer palette to even skin out and set along side nostrils and under the eyes only a little bit with Kat von D’s Translucent Powder. I wanted the skin to look hydrated and healthy, but not overly glowy. This I feel sometimes takes away the focus of the eye make up and I did not feel it was fitting with the theme.  

AIR (Look 1)
For this look I used the lilac shade from the same MAC palette, mixed with the shades ‘Filter’ and ‘Fly’ from the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette. I painted the lashes even lighter with Kryolan Aquacolor to add to the angelical look and added my mix of different highlighters on all high point areas of the face, chest and shoulders.

After that, I felt the look needed a bit of a ‘kick’ and so I boldy went in with a neon coloured powder by Kryolan on the lips and cheeks. I used it sparingly of course, but I think it helps make the look a bit more interesting.   


WATER (Look 2)
For the skin I used the same products as with the other two looks, but added a lot of glycerin to get the ‘wet' look right.

Since this is the ‘darkest’ of all looks, I used quite a range of products packed on top of one another on the eyes to intensify both darkness and texture.

Starting off with Ellis Faas’ Creamy Eyes in black, I painted the shape I wanted and blended it out. On top I used a dark green shimmery shadow ‘Grafitti’ from Urban Decay’s Basquiat palette, and the shade ‘Sabled’ from the MAC Trend Forecast Fall ’18 cream shadow palette. I patted a black glitter all over top and added some MAC Gloss for wet shine. For the lashes I used a black mascara from Make Up Forever that I like to paint on with a little fan brush. 


EARTH (Look 3)
I first curled the lashes and used a brown pencil by Make up Forever to tightline the lash line. For the eyes I first went in with a bit of Kryolan Aquacolor on a blending brush, because Aquacolors are just so wonderful for mixing the exact color you want. I then darkened the colour around the lash line using MAC's Trend Forecast Fall ’18 cream shadow palette in the colour ‘Caramelized”. I am in love with this palette! Some find it a ‘no no’ to put cream on top of powder or dry paint, but I loved the colour combination and it worked just fine.

I wanted the lashes to show, but not too heavy, and since her natural lash tint is blonde, I used a brown mascara by Ellis Faas.

I used the same MAC palette to dab some color on the lips, and added a bit of matte bronzer under the cheekbones and jawline to add some warmth. For blusher I used one of my go-to blushes by MAC in the shade Melba.

After hair and face make up was done I painted the neck and shoulders back and added some chamomile owers with latex, to symbolize the black earth and owers that bloom from the ground.

Gail Meijer

Make- up
Eva Agerbeek

Wout Philippo

Benthe Prikken @Future Faces Models Amsterdam