Anissa Kermiche x Zoe Karssen

Zoe Karssen: “Ever since I came across Anissas work I was immediately drawn to it, and quite captivated by the unique jewelry collections she has to offer. I love her design aesthetic and her out of the box ideas. I really think a collaboration with Anissa is a wonderful extension to the Zoe Karssen brand, and I hope this will be a relationship that can continue to grow over the years with cool projects and fun concepts”.

Anissa Kermiche was born in Paris to a Franco-Algerian heritage, Anissa’s strict upbringing led to a degree in engineering, but also fos- tered a rebellious temperament. After deciding to break free to live her dream, she moved across the Channel and completed multiple courses in jewelry design at Central Saint Martins and 3D Computer Aided Design at Holts Acad- emy in Hatton Gardens. Her abiding ambition became to create jewelry, which reflects the generation of successful, powerful and funny women she saw all around her.

Zoe Karssen is an Amsterdam-based fashion house, founded in 2010 by duo Zoe and Quince Karssen. It brings easy-to-wear tops and bottoms with outspoken graphics, mixing rock & roll aesthetics with pop culture references. This signature style has quickly gained the likes of a loyal following from Beyoncé to Kate Moss, to name but a few.

The paniers d’argent. €290 (per pair). Sold in the Zoe Karssen flagship store, Amsterdam & online at,