For Men Only SA.AL&Co: Apothecary Frenzy

SA.AL&Co is the newly introduced organic and sustainable skincare for men who have been around the world and know what good skincare entails. Written by Wes Viana Ferreiro

According to founder Istvan Laszloffy the main idea behind SA.AL&Co is to marry the idea of premium natural skincare and a masculine design to create a line of essential products for men. Laszloffy from Hungarian-Armenian descent, formerly an investment banker, decided to focus his creative energy into creating a new skincare brand that is sustainable, has clear purpose and fulfils his aesthetic beliefs. Coming from a family of artisan shoe- and glove makers Laszloffy left the financial sector to create a product from a scratch - just like his ancestors did.

The collection includes a hair & body wash, shaving creme, light moisturiser & after shave, intense moisturiser and deodorant. The products have a fresh, subtle fragrance that reminisces of old-fashioned apothecaries created by ingredients such as macadamia oil, shea butter, green tea extract and herbs that can be found in the Alps. The collection is made in small batches to guarantee span-new formulas of the best quality.

 011 Hair and Body Wash €22, 021 Shaving Creme €24, 031 Light Moisturiser and Shave Balm €32, 041 Intense Moisturiser €32, 051 Deodorant €22.  SA.AL&Co is available in Skins stores and on