PHILOSOPHY: The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash

“Progress is baby steps, small victories and a little bit of momentum…” Written by Rachel Douglass.

It is fascinating to follow a brand that started a hype of philosophical thinking in beauty products, with words of encouragement displayed on their minimalistic packaging. Philosophy is the brand that got our hearts racing with the infamous product, Hope in a Jar, offering renewed skin throughout the day, soon becoming everyone’s usual carry-round purse product. It seems they have done it again, this time mixing up the night time routine with a daily exfoliator providing a 30 second mini peel to rejuvenate tired looking skin. 

With just a small amount needed, I applied the product straight onto damp skin, in circular motions to build up a sweet smelling soapy formula. The micro-exfoliating beads are subtle enough to not feel uncomfortable, yet I could still already feel the difference they were making. Over time I noticed a real change in my skin, with a brighter complexion and the products ability to stop break outs in their track. The daily use even managed to buff away scarring and, as my skin took it in overnight, I could see the change in quality of my face. There are times where I skip a day as I feel my skin is too sensitive to handle an every-night scrubbing, however by using a good moisturiser afterwards you can avoid any dry patches that you fear.

The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash €26 or £23.00